GrowRuck 51 - Huntsville

Weekend Ruck & Leadership Experience

The Mission of the GrowRuck Training Event (GTE) is to reinforce the F3 Mission Formula, Teach Leadership Principles and Transfer Positive Habits in order to Accelerate Regionnal Growth.

The Endstate is to forge HIGH IMPACT MEN through the three F's of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

During a GTE, we leave no man behind and leave no man where we find him. Together we strive to become better men for our families and our communities.

GTE is a full weekend consisting of these phases:

  1. RALLY - Friday evening - A fellowship gathering to kick off the weekend - First break the ice then break bread (food details TBD) with fellow GTE participants - Meet your GTE Trainers and get fired up by their message - Ask any last minute questions of the F3 Cadre
  2. KING BUILDER - Saturday early morning - An F3 convergence-style workout (as with all F3 workouts, the Kingbuilder itself is open to all men, and it's free to all Friendly New Guys so bring those FNGs!) - A beatdown with a lesson - Led by GTE Trainers
  3. GROW SCHOOL - Saturday late morning - Includes breakfast and coffee - An intense classroom-based leadership seminar covering Q Source The F3 Manual of Virtuous Leadership
  4. CRUCIBLE Ruck - Saturday evening until Sunday morning - The MAIN Effort of a GTE - Each man's leadership skills and the teamwork of the class is accelerated through intense physical and mental adversity - Expect to be challenged and transformed - Expect to push through the limits of your perceived thresholds - Expect to bond deeply with your fellow team members and to be moved during the Sunriser - Average duration 15 hours - Average distance 17 miles