Happenings around F3 Huntsville - Week of 19-Sep-2022

2022-09-19 06:57:45

By Water Wings

  • Recent workouts have continued to be tough. Awesome work to Q’s and Pax. Continue to Strengthen the Cornerstone of F3 Huntsville.
  • S. Huntsville Pax are soft launching (test driving) a workout at Mcgucken park this Wednesday. If we have a good response over a 4 weeks we may plant another AO down there. Contact Seabiscuit for more details.
  • The valley has launched Tuesdays. Good work to Sump for Q’ing the first Tuesday beatdown. I heard shoulders were screaming.
  • ironpax at Athens and the Pitt on wednesdays. Come push yourself. Spooky, Shank, Housecall officially lead week 1 according to the f3 greenwood website. If you beat those guys reps, enter your scores!
  • Yard Sale is Q’ing the race the station run bike run this Saturday. It's probably the most Huntsville themed race out there because you are trying to beat the space station’s orbit. Would love to see one f3 team out there!
PAX, Keep headlocking, keep encouraging, keep pushing.
I love every single one of you! Have a great week and see you in the Gloom.