Living Stones

2022-09-26 07:19:09

By Water Wings

Increase livingstone strength by Accelerating your fellowship. Here are 3 opportunities, start small.

Shield Lock
  • 3Ps
    • proximate - find 4 men (similar age, geographic and stage)
    • periodic - commit to 3 weeks, then go from there, meet once a week at a inconvenient time (9:00pm-10pm, lunch, post work)
    • purposeful - commit to becoming better leaders. Q source is a great resource
  • Reach out to Spooky if you want to know more!
2nd F fellowship
  • you are freed to lead. If you want to host a 2nd F event feel free and have a plan
  • Answer The Who what when where why
  • Start and end on time
  • Every attempt, no matter how many post creates good FOMO. My God says Where two are gathered!
  • reach out to the 2nd F Q Fescue if you have any questions

Share the good things coming out of F3 with other men. Like The NY Times article.

Reach out to men you know and disrupt isolation. Be kind. Love y’all, have a great week!